Organic Baby Food – An Introduction

What is Organic Baby Food?

What makes something organic and what makes it better for you?

Well basically, Organic food and organic baby food is any food that is made or grown without synthetic (chemical) materials being used during growth, processing & production. Any foods, be it fruits, vegetables, grains or even packaged or restaurant foods can be organic as long as no chemicals, artificial additives or any other artificial ingredients are added to the food. Including no chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used during growth of fresh produce.

Actually until last century, almost all food was organic. Think about it – Only after the mass production and mass use of chemical pesticides, preservatives and other additives for use in foods (around the 1940’s) did ANY food become non-organic. – So ‘Organic’ is not really a new trend, just a going back to the way nature intended us to eat food and the way our grandparents and their parents used to eat food.

The big thing to remember about organic foods is not so much what IS in the food but what ISN’T.

You don’t really buy Organic baby Foods because they have more of any particular vitamin or mineral or nutritional value. (Although often they do contain higher levels of nutrients etc)

The main reason to choose organic baby foods is because they contain NO NASTY STUFF like the pesticides, herbicides & fungicides as well as chemical preservatives & additives like chemical sweeteners, colors or flavors or stabilizers etc. These can be really dangerous & have serious heath repercussions if we consume them (especially babies!).

Have you heard rumors about Organics being a big con and “no better” – Well that information is simply propaganda released  russian food store by companies whose bottom line and profits can be damaged by people changing to Organic foods.

Think about it – Many companies would lose significant profits if everyone suddenly switched to organic foods. Those companies are scared that they will go out of business or lose a serious amount of profit if people realize how bad the foods they are selling are and how many “cost cutting” exercises they take and risks they take by adding many cheaper chemicals flavors to foods instead of genuine flavors.

It’s in those companies best interest for us to second guess the organics thing. I say to you that you should make up your own mind – in doing so read as much information as you can but be sure to read UNBIASED and impartial 3rd parties opinions about organics. (Much like I have used to help me write my book & I’ll give you links to interesting articles throughout it.)

You’ll find most “studies” which put a doubt over the value of organics have been funded by big corporations who have vested interest in non organic farming & chemical production. (Anything that is “brought to you by…” or “Sponsored by…” or mentions a lot of one particular brand and recommends them or generally have a very one sided opinion means it has been paid for by that company, which also means they are only going to release the information that makes them look good.).

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