The Benefits of Using Soundproof Enclosures in the Office Environment

Noisy office based server? – a sound solution!

I hadn’t realised the problems I was about to introduce to our office working environment when we deployed some active equipment – servers, switch etc. – into our office to maximise space and convenience of access. Instead of the compact modern set up I’d envisaged what resulted was a major source of what I could only call noise pollution, which in turn created distractions, a lack of concentration, headaches, earaches and basically not the most pleasant or professional of environments in which to work to full potential.

I couldn’t believe something so basic a necessity in a modern office could be such a problem. Due to the equipment we had and the nature in which it was configured it would have been a costly exercise to relocate to another part of the building not to mention the additional rent this would attract. My unhappy staff were also quoting EU working environment noise level regulations at me so I knew I had to do something before this got out of hand.

After some serious internet research I discovered that there were solutions out there for this very problem in the form of soundproof enclosures. Result! 오피

There are several solutions available on the market all of which I looked into closely as there is a dramatic difference in price and I didn’t want to pay for something which wouldn’t fix the problem satisfactorily. Having looked and had demonstrated to me at all the features and benefits of the soundproof enclosures out there I opted in the end for a UCoustic cabinet, which boasts the best sound attenuation on the market by far, but if I’m honest I chose it ostensibly for its looks!

I must say I am extremely happy with the results as are my staff who are now able to concentrate on their work as we no longer have any noise distraction from any of our equipment housed in the cabinet, it’s virtually silent. We also managed to enclose other equipment in the cabinet resulting in a tidier office, less wires lying around making us look and feel more professional in our surrounds.

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